Where do you go in Vietnam?

Vietnam has a small nation in Southeast Asia area. Vietnam has naturally beautiful places which are recognized as world cultural heritages. This country is over 1000 kilometers with variously regional diversity along the North, Central and South.

If you plan to visit Vietnam, you should carefully search for useful information about destination, weather or festivals and holidays. In general, Vietnam has always different types of weather and events throughout the year. So this article as recommendation about where you should go with which time when you travel to Vietnam. Sure it seems tips and tricks to contribute your trip to becoming perfect and memorial.


Spring lasts from January to the end of April. In the northern cities, January and February seems still cool with the average temperature 12 up to 18 degree, this time is the most perfect time for travel around Sapa or Ha Giang. It gets even cooler and cooler in the late nights and early mornings, even you can see ground frosts or snowfall in some high mountain.

Sapa in the north of Vietnam

Meanwhile in the south of Vietnam, it’s a good decision to visit Ho Chi Minh, Can Tho, Phu Quoc, Con Dao and Mui Ne. The weather is dry and a little sunny so you can expect a smooth travel. Don’t forget to try scuba diving in Phu Quoc or Con Dao islands. It is a special experience during your trip.

Symbol of Hochiminh city

Another place in the middle of Vietnam, this time is not perfect to visit anywhere because during the Jan and early Feb, the weather seems wet and rainy. It’s not suitable to go the sea or beach in Da Nang, Hoi An.

You should visit Phu Quoc island

Moving to March and April, the weather in the North becomes warmer and warmer. When the winter is coming to an end of the cold winter, it becomes pleasant and comfortable. These months are also the months which other festivals are held throughout the nation, especially Perfume Pagoda. People come there to pray health, luck and success for a new lunar year.

Coming to the central and south, you can see beach paradises with high blue sky, sunny and a little windy on the beach. Perfect time is for your relaxing. One of the best destination you can’t miss for your trip is Da Nang- Hoi An tour. If you come there in the end of time, you can get interesting experience in the lantern festival organized by month.

April is also a historical month in Vietnam with some national holidays such as Saigon Liberation Day and International Labor Day.


Summer is the great time for vacation with your family or teambuilding. The weather is up to place where you are in.

My Khe beach, Da Nang

The north begins a hot and wet summer. You have a great option to discover the sunshine and blue skies all the way. Average temperature is about 32 to 40 degree whereas the highest temperature is 42 degree on July. When it’s overwhelm with sun sight on the blue sky, it’s suitable for photo taking in travel. You should visit ancient villages and natural caves in Ninh Binh province or top the best beaches and islands like Ha Long Bay, Co To Island and Ly Son. You feel the cool weather when trekking or diving on the marine. Many gorgeous sights of nature are from the farmer, peace in the rice fields. Sure that it can satisfy your expectation.

Ha Long Bay in Vietnam

To the central and south of Vietnam, it is certainly hot and rainfall seems more likely in the nights. Even some serious floods can happen in this season, especially in the Mekong Delta. You should visit to coastal cities such as Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hoi An so that you can enjoy the hot summer and discover the rich local culture there. If you are in honey moon, don’t miss Da Lat. This weather is cool and romantic to boost your emotion better and more peaceful.

Hoi An- the ancient town


The temperature has started to change gradually in the North. Wetter and wetter weather is, more comfortable you feel. This is perfect time for trekking in the high mountains like Sapa, Ha Giang or boating kayak in Ha Long Bay. You also visit the yellow rice field in Sep. It’s a suitable time to harvest farming products. In particular, you should go Mu Quang Chai to enjoy the farming air.

View from Ha Giang, Vietnam

Unfortunately, during the fall, it seems rainy and wet. Sometimes there is a strong typhoon bringing in torrential rain and strong winds. So it’s not good to travel in the central and south.

One of the biggest festival for children is the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is held on the half-moon of the eighth lunar month yearly. Almost adults prepare moon cake and decorate the tent while kids are happy to join dancing and getting together around their family.


Winter in the North is cool and cold, even temperature is lower than 10 degree. It’s perfect to enjoy the cool in the high mountain like Sapa, Ha Giang, Moc Chau. If Ha Giang attract visitors by beauty of golden terraced rice fields and pink fields of buckwheat flowers, Sapa is the best choice to breathe the pure air and discover the local life of ethnic minorities. Hanoi is also another option for the winter. There are many anciently beautiful destination to remind you back about the history and the past.

The ethnic minorities in Sapa

It’s lucky that the winter is a wonderful tropical time for you to relax, both the middle and south of Vietnam with various options. If you prefer to go the sea, let it go to Phu Quoc or Con Dao island with plenty of sun and sand. Or if you’re looking for something more experience, seeing Hoi An or Hue with many historical stories and magical culture.

Tet holiday in Vietnam

In the end of Sep and early of Jan, Vietnam’s Traditional Lunar New Year Festival will be celebrated all over the nation. This is the biggest festival of Vietnamese. If you enjoy this atmosphere, you can see emotion of family relatives. In this occasion, they always try to come back home and get together around their grandparent and parent. Further, there are many activities outside such as blooming fireworks in New Year’s Eve, decorating houses or ancestor worship in per family. You should enjoy the most special holiday per year of Vietnamese.

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