Top 4 the best place to visit golden rice fields in Vietnam

If you have a journey to Vietnam, you shouldn’t miss the golden rice fields along this nation. From the millions of year ago, Vietnamese people have used rice as the staple food everyday so you can see endless paddy rice fields anywhere in Vietnam. It’s a traditionally cultural beauty with deeply imbued ethnic identities.

It’s amazing that the golden rice fields cover in countryside from north to south. Based on other terrains, there are 2 main kind of paddy fields: rice terraces in the high hills and rice files in the low land. Both of them are magnificent and garish in the blue sky background. Assure that this is great experience for your trip. Following top 4 the best place to visit golden rice fields in Vietnam, so you can find a special destination to explore and enjoy in Vietnam.

1/ Golden rice fields in Tam Coc valley

The beauty of gold paddy rice fields covered by hills and rivers

If you visit Tam Coc, you will have a choice to see the golden rice field in the low land. It is located in Ninh Binh province which is far from about 100km south of Hanoi. You can choose bus or tour car to travel easily to there.

Tam Coc is regarded as copying of Halong bay with several unique landscapes and myth around caves and high mountains. Scenes seem romantic and peaceful as views of movie. You can sail through rice fields and karstic rocks around Ngo Dong River.

If you travel in Feb to Aug, you can see the scenery of the paddy fields are still green. This color of rice fields are immersed with color of hills and rivers. But only just coming late Sep, you see the growth faster of rice field. There are a few patches of golden color which are garish and picturesque. You should try to bike around peaceful villages imposing mountains. It’s memorial for your trip.

2/ Golden rice fields in Bac Son valley

Farmers are harvesting the golden rice fields

It is located in Lang Son province in the Northeast region of Vietnam which is far from about 250 km, the rice fields are covered by incredible mountains with several breathtaking landscapes.

It’s the great weather and rich soil to develop planting rice and other crops. When you climb to the pinnacle of Bac Son valley, you can see great scenic landscape of the valley’s paddy fields. There are other ways from the valley’s pathways to come the paddy fields. During the journey, you should explore beautiful river or small villages crossing the rice fields.

3/ Rice terraces in Sapa

Some ethnic people are on their fields

Terraced rice fields in Sapa were voted as one of seven most beautiful and impressive filed in Asia by the US’s Travel and Leisure magazine. Sure that you are overwhelmed by the natural beauty of curving terraces.

It is inspired from nature for cultivation and crop farming in hilly or mountainous areas. Viewed from the top valleys, the terraced rice fields look like a heart- catching picture for tourist. This picture with color can be changed season by season which compared with girl’s growth. It is a green rice when the new crop starts then the field is immersed by golden when ripening rice.

Anyway you are trekking or normal travel, you should discover the rice terraces in Sapa. It is a great chance to deeply understand simple life of tribal groups or ethnic groups of the region. It is extremely a good place to get more experience in ethnic cultures and customs.

4/ Rice terraces in Mu Quang Cai


Located in Yen Bai, it is in the north of Hanoi capital. Especially at the end of September & early October, Mu Quang Chai is a famous destination to see the most breathtaking rice terraces.

Thanks to the pleasant climate, you can visit Mu Quang Chai in any time of the year. But the best season is middle of June when the locals water rice fields to prepare for a new crop and middle of Sep when fields are covered by only golden of ripening rice. It’s perfect to get nice shots.

Actually, the paddy fields with green color of hills or golden when rice ripens are one of the cultural feature of Vietnam. So if you visit any rice files in the Vietnam, this journey is completely worth the effort. Enjoy time in Vietnam.

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