Top the best places to visit in Halong Bay

Halong Bay is a stunning oasis in Vietnam which is recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO. Located on the north-east coast of Vietnam, Halong Bay is considered as a top destination for a relaxing cruise holiday. Landscapes are naturally made by limestone formations and islets. So there are many things for you to do in Halong Bay.

Here are our top the best things to do when you visit Halong Bay.

1/ Exploring the Halong Bay Islands

White beaches in Tuan Chau islands

Halong Bay islands is the first destination for your trip. There are thousands of islands around Halong Bay but per island has unique atmosphere and stunning landscape like Pelican Grotto, Turtle Rock.

One of the most famous islands is Tuan Chau island which has pristine white beaches covered by gorgeous pine forest. Visiting there and joining some water activities like: Kayaking, Canoe parachuting, Fishing or Jet skiing. Sure that your journey becomes wonderful and exciting due to water sports.

2/ Visiting Sung Sot Cave

Sung Sot Cave in Halong Bay

Besides beauty of gorgeous beaches, you should discover other natural wonders like Sung Sot caves. This English name means a surprising cave. Maybe the reason is unbelievable beauty from this spot.

The cave has two inner chambers with hundreds of rocks shapes which forms traditional stories about Halong Bay. It looks majestic and picturesque with all shapes and sizes. There are several boats and cruises to offer inside and outside cave visit so it’s convenient to explore Sung Sot cave.

3/ Trekking in Cat Ba national park

If you like trekking to adventurous spot, Cat Ba national park is a great option. So many trekkers choose Cat Ba to overcome challenge.

This part is a friendly home of wildlife like civets, macaques, golden-headed langurs, especially hundreds of birds like hawks, hornbills or cuckoos. You are immersed in the natural beauty of plants, wildlife and even rivers along the forest.

The ticket is 40.000 VND for an adult and open from early morning until the sunset. If you prefer to be safe in your trekking trip, you can register and join a trekking team with 2-3 other partners and one tour guide. This tour is available to be served tourist’s demand.

4/ Sailing to the Cua Van Floating village

Cua Van floating village in Halong Bay Vietnam -World Heritage Site by UNESCO

Cua Van is the largest floating village in Halong Bay with variety of ecotourism. So sailing to the Cua Van Floating village will be adventure in your trip.

Along the road of sailing, you have opportunities to discover collection of houses surrounded by stunning natural rocks and caves. These houses contribute to make a wonderful picture about a traditional village in Vietnam where we should put it in conservation.

This village becomes the most romantic and peaceful in the sunset when fisherman are happy to pickup fishes after a hard working. Sure that this ancient fishing village is  a ‘must-see’ destination in your trip.

5/ Enjoying the Sun World Ha Long Park

The ferry wheel is famous symbol in Halong Bay

Besides beauty of the nature like islands, caves, the natural park or floating villages, Halong has built coastal park as well modern entertainment complex for tourist. It is special to offer for kids or the young who have teambuilding activities.

Coming to the Sun World Ha Long Park, you have other options for water activities from Dragon Park, Typhoon Waterpark and a sea-crossing cable car. They make the ultimate view about Halong Bay.

You shouldn’t miss the ferry wheel which can change color during light show about this city. As common sense, it becomes symbol of Halong Bay.

Conclusion: Halong Bay is lordliness of Vietnamese. All natural sights in there make attractive and loving to anyone who has ever gone there. If you are finding fun and activities spots on the gorgeous coastline, you shouldn’t miss Halong Bay. It makes your journey more meaningful and valuable experience.

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