Top the best destinations in Hanoi at Christmas

Christmas Eve is one of the greatest festival all over the world. Although Catholicism is not the national religion in Vietnam, Christmas Eve still pervades the whole of cities from the North to the South. If you have a plan to travel to Hanoi on this occasion, it’s good to discover the Christmas atmosphere is in a Buddhism national religion. It seems new experience for your trip. Let’s take a tour to Hanoi capital and enjoy top the best destinations that the Eastern Santa Claus brings.

1/ Saint Joseph’s Cathedral

Located in 40 Nha Chung Street, Hoan Kiem, Saint Joseph’s Cathedral is one of the most fascinating and famous destination at Christmas. Almost people feel surprising because its architecture is quite similar to Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral.

Before date of Christmas, the church will be decorated with colorful trees and items both inside and outside to make more beautiful and mysterious. Visitors can enjoy these peaceful moments around views of Cathedral . The crowded and a little cool weather make wonderful air for the Christmas Night.

2/ Visiting the walking Streets around Hoan Kiem Lake

In Hanoi, there is a pedestrian street which takes place from Friday evening until the end of Sunday and around Hoan Kiem Lake (It is also called as sword lake). This is a favorite place to walk with friends, do exercises or enjoy the fresh air around many high trees. Furthermore, you can see various street activities on these pedestrian streets, especially occasion of Christmas Eva: It can be some traditional play games like tug of war, mandarin, square capturing, shuttlecock kicking or several art and music performances. Sure that you can enjoy many colorful items and decorations of Christmas around this place.

3/ Enjoying Hanoi street food

Hanoi is well known with the beauty in nights. One of outstanding feature is night food. Discovering Hanoi in night, you can enjoy a food paradise with different kinds of foods. All lovely visitors can enjoy Hanoi street foods deliciously on various streets with very reasonable prices. Food is considered as one specialty of Hanoi.

When Christmas comes to, it is the winter so we have some recommendations for street food in this night such as the followings:

Banh Goi: you can find it on the street next to the Saint Joseph’s Cathedral. It is made with pork, mushroom and egg

Vietnamese bread with chicken, pork, sausage or egg and a little vegetable and chili sauce. It is delicious for a night meal.

You also enjoy some traditional sweet desserts or egg coffee to wake up your body in cool nights.

Food is an indispensable part in the local ives so you shouldn’t miss this worthy value in Hanoi.

4/ Coming Hang Ma Street

Hang Ma street is located in the heart of Hanoi Old Quarter. It is always famous as a colorful world of decorated items for big events.

Along the street, you are overwhelmed by sparkling items, display of lights or ornaments for the event. All shops will sell the same items so you can choose and buy at any preferred shop. On the Christmas occasion, all Christmas trees, gifts and cards with reasonable prices will be shown and decorated to recommend to customers.

Coming there and you can enjoy total atmosphere of Christmas Eva.

5, Shopping malls

Hanoi is regraded as a developing city so there are many new shopping malls built recently. They seem modern with enough services for shopping, entertainment, eating or relaxing. Therefore, you can enjoy Christmas Eva at any famous shopping malls.

We recommend some big center of Hanoi like Parson, Lotte, Vincom Plaza Tower or Garden Mall. In this occasion, there are many famous brands have sale off policies with the shocking price. You shouldn’t miss this good chance for shopping.

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