Top 5 the best nightclubs in Hanoi

Hanoi is an attractive city with so many unique things to discover in daylight or at night. If you can see ancient beauty of landscape, culture as well life style of the local, you will explore another beauty of Hanoi in nights. If you are looking for a night party in your holiday in Hanoi, coming to one nightclub.

Almost clubbing scenes are deeply impressive with electricity, EDM, dance, hip-hop as well pop tunes. It is mixture between traditional culture of Vietnam and a little Western style. So it makes more interesting for the foreigner.

This article will discuss top the best nightclubs in Hanoi. If you are finding some places for a party, don’t miss the following tips.

1/ Bia Hoi Junction

Ta Hien and Luong Ngoc Quyen streets are in the center of the Old Quarter. Coming this junction, you can enjoy absolute classic night in Hanoi with the most famous Beer Hoi (meaning “Fresh Beer” in English) spot in Vietnam.

You are really surprising because one Beer cup only costs VND 10,000. You also try drink it with a little steamed peanuts, beef jerky or other exotic snacks.

Going Bia Hoi Junction which is the best lifestyle in Hanoi, you can give all round experience about beauty of this city. This shop houses will close at 11,00 pm or later.

2, Playboy Establishment Hanoi

Located in The Apricot Hotel in Hoan Kiem Dis, this is a luxurious nightclub for affluent travelers and the Vietnamese young. This style has been designed colorfully and modern, which makes you be in a perfect world. This bar is separated into 3 main views: a lounge bar, a dancing floor and dining room.

In the dancing floor, some DJ compose variety of music to make noisy and exciting for the crowd dancing. Besides it, there are some dancers who wear Playboy bunny costumes. You are immersed in dancing crazily.

The drinks menu are various with enough kind of beverage like champagnes, spirits, wines and cocktails. If you are ladies, you can receive a free cocktails from 20:00 until midnight in very Wednesday. This club is a good place to enjoy Hanoi life in night.

3, Dragonfly Bar Lounge

Located in Hang Buom street in Old Quarter, this bar is a favorite entertainment place of young Vietnamese and youthful expats. Especially if you like hip-hop and pop music, you shouldn’t miss it.

About beverage, there are some delicious drinks highly recommended like: draught beers, liquors, shots, though and cocktails. You should try it one more.

This bar has spacious views which are enough for the crowded to dance freely. Besides it, there is a shisha lounge in the upper floor where it is equipped a foosball table, some pool tables and big-screen TVs to relax. In general, Dragonfly Bar Lounge can serve all walk of life style. So you are free to visit there and enjoy a wonderful night in Hanoi.

4, Hero Club Hanoi

If you love parties during nights, enjoying Hero Club Hanoi when you travel to there. This bar is an industrial-style nightlife which is well-known for the Vietnamese.

The decoration is extremely impressive with colorful murals of popular super heroes and propaganda posters. It makes you much surprising and relaxing.

DJ and dancers are talented with enough kind of music, from EDM and deep house to hip-hop and R&B. They will perform in a unique booth. It looks like an old Soviet truck. Sure that these views make happy and fun party scene to enjoy for a night.

5/ Infinity Club

Coming Infinity Club, you can see an extremely different area compared above club. The producer decorates large space as well colorful lights to make relaxing for customers. So this club is usually highly recommended for others.

Dance floor seems spacious to dance hip-hop, house, trance, EDM or electro tunes comfortably. This club attracts not only foreigner but also the Vietnamese visits and gets new experience about night life.

This club is located in Hang Buom street so it’s convenient to discover and enjoy.

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