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  • Opportunity to try 10 different Hanoi dishes
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One of outstanding feature when remind of Hanoi, it is traditional cuisine. Through street food, you can deeply learn more about life of Hanoians, including culture, history and life of local people. Besides Hanoi Old Quarter, there are many corners of city has special street food, even the local can’t get used it completely. If you want to enjoy the best food, have to come exact address. Let us be the map to guide you to discover Hanoi street food tour in your trip. Make sure that it can meet enough your satisfaction


  • Exploring Hanoi street food such as: Pho ((beef/ chicken noodle), Bun Cha (Grilled Pork with Noodle), Banh cuon (Steamed Rice Pancake), Banh my (Vietnamese bread), Banh xeo  (Fried rice pancake), Nom bo kho  (Green papaya salad with dried beef),  Banh ran ngot (Sweet rice donut)
  • Sharing some local life with local stories, local food with local people
  • Enjoy unique places without in your guidebook
  • Making new local friends


Walking along “Hanoi of 36 guild streets”, you can explore all traditional food, culture as well history about Hanoi. Hanoians say that cuisine can show character and love to their country.

Pho is the best dish for your breakfast. It is mixed by a salty broth, rice noodle, herbs and chicken or beef- which is the main ingredient. You can see it’s simple and easy to cook. The special feature making Pho delicious is processing sweetness of broth.

Whereas almost people prefer to Bun Cha (Grilled Pork with Noodle) for their lunch. Hanoians always are proud of this meal. Tasting of grilled port is connected with rice noodle, fresh greens, and a dipping sauce. You can also add Crab Spring Rolls so that you will have a perfect meal at Hanoi. Besides it, Banh cuon (Steamed Rice Pancake) can also be chosen instead. The first origin is only rice flour rolls. Then they created it with stuffing ground pork and onion. You can use it with grilled port or spring rolls like Bun cha

Hanoi of 36 guild streets
Hanoi of 36 guild streets

The fact that there are variety of delicious options from your breakfast, lunch, dessert until dinner or nocturnal meals. If you are a vegetarian, don’t worry. We also recommend you some traditional food which is suitable for your demand. In Hanoi, there are some restaurant serving only vegetarian or both

If you only use guidebook, I am scared that you can’t find the correct address for this street food because there are many restaurant along “Hanoi of 36 guild streets”. Have to go correct restaurant, you can completely taste it. It’s a common sense.

Are you interested in Hanoi street food with us? Let it enjoy your wonderful travel experience by relying on us. Hope that your trip makes memories unforgettable about Hanoi- the capital of Vietnam

Note: This Itinerary may change a little bit because the food place may close for certain time of day.


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