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Located in Quang Ninh city, Vietnam, Halong bay has been recognized by UNESCO many times as a natural heritage of the world, therefore it is a must-see destination on your Vietnam travel

One of the best way to discover fully beautiful landscape there is cruising on the sea. Let it imagine that you can hike, kayak, sail, and sunbathe around Halong Bay by Ancora cruise. It is wonderful to enjoy your life among the ocean and the nature. Ancora Cruises are designed to provide unparalleled luxury cruise vacations for visitor

Ancora cruise on Halong bay
Ancora cruise on Halong bay

Depending on your budget, you choose other options such as Ancora cruise 2 days- 1 night tour or Ancora cruise 3 days- 2 night tour. In addition, you can opt for an Ancora luxurious cruiser or Ancora diesel-powered junk for your trip. We list outstanding feature of Ancora cruise tour at Halong bay as detailed recommendation before your decision about trip. Hope that it can meet your satisfaction and bring unforgettable experience for you. Let’s follow it right now


  • Many options with different routes
  • Luxuriously convenient cabin with balcony to go sightseeing on the sea
  • Bathroom is unique and individual. You feel so comfortable
  • Visiting many mysterious caves
  • Underwater activities with the guide
  • Enjoy traditional cuisine besides Western food and vegetarianism

Detailed itinerary

Option 1: Ancora cruise 2 days – 1 night tour

A two-day one night give you unique experience about cruising onboard. It is suitable for short travel schedule. You have a chance to discover the secret of Kissing cocks or Sung Sot cave, explore by kayak and unforgettable activities on the deck and bar

Day 1: Hanoi- Halong bay – Titop island

  • 8:00: The Ancora car pick up you at your hotel, starting to move to Halong bay
    It takes 4.5 hours for this travel
  • 12:15: You arrive in Tuan Chau church. At there, you take a rest and check in to receive your cabin
  • 12:45: You have a small tea break at this Ancora boat. The captain makes a speech to introduce about schedule and rules in the next 2 days
  • 13:00: Now the route is forward southeast of Halong bay via the Kissing cocks. It is undoubtedly a symbol of this natural heritage. The two rocks looks a rooster and a hen facing each other. The local people believe they symbolize for the eternal love with this place for thousands of years.
    In this time, you also have a lunch with fresh seafood buffet
  • 15:00: You visit Sung Sot cave, then enjoy outside activities in Titop Island.
    Titop is regarded as one of the attractive site with romantic landscape and heavenly beautiful beach
    Listed activities such as: swimming, fishing, snorkelling, kayaking and trekking
  • 17:00: There is a show named “Happy Tour” at bar on the ship. We organize play game and music contest to make friend between tourists each other
  • 17:30: You can join cooking class at the deck. The weather seems ideal and fresh for learning something new
    In case it rains, we can move to restaurant area
  • 18:00: Ancora ship comes back to the anchorage area at Dong Tien cave
  • 19:00: You enjoy your dinner on the board with various menu for both normal and vegetarian
  • 21:00: This is expected time for relaxing with a romantic song, drinking at bar or squid fishing

Day 2: Halong Bay- Hanoi

  • 6:15: Wonderful time to enjoy the dark on the sea
    You have change to see the beauty in early day. Covered by a little fog, wind and cool. You also can ask to do morning exercise for your health better
  • 7:00: Breakfast is carefully served
  • 8:00: You can choose kayak or bamboo at Luon cave
  • 9:00: You come back the ship and check out
  • 9:30: The ship is on the road to Tuan Chau harbor
    Don’t forget to use a tea break and enjoy the view around your road
  • 11:00: You arrives in the destination. Then return Hanoi by car Finish the memorial travel at Halong bay with Ancora cruise

Option 2: Ancora cruise 3 days – 2 nights tour

A three-day two-night cruise at a relaxed pace with more time to discover the landscape and take a rest on the boat. Sure that you feel experience interesting. With Ancora cruise, we bring highest quality luxury and comfort as your expectation. You can visit Sung Sot cave, Trong cave, Me Cung cave or Titov beach by a bamboo boat and enjoy traditional Vietnamese cuisines onboard. Don’t hesitate to connect this journey

Day 1: Hanoi- Halong Bay- Sung Sot cave- Titov island

  • 7:30: The Ancora car pick up you at your hotel. Then move to Halong bay and start a cruise tour
  • 10:00: You take a rest at Hai Duong province. One of place you have to pass in the route Hanoi- Halong Bay
  • 12:00: You arrive in Tuan Chau harbour. At there, you take a rest and check in to receive the hotel room
  • 12:15: You get on the ship
  • 12:30: You have a small tea break at this Ancora cruise. The captain makes a speech to introduce about schedule and rules for this trip
  • 13:00: Having a lunch at Ancora’s restaurant. You can taste the food and relax the luxurious atmosphere there
  • 15:00: Ancora cruise begins to cruise majestically through Halong Bay. Passing by Sung Sot cave and Titov island
  • 17:15: Returning to get on the boat
  • 17:30: There is a show named “Happy Tour” at bar with other games and activities to connect guests each other
    You also spend this time for cooking class at the deck. We have a master chef to help you to broaden knowledge about food
  • 19:00: Enjoying meal at dining room
  • 21:00: Relax in your cabin or party till late. Maybe overnight with squid fishing

Day 2: Visit Trong cave- Ngoc Trai village (or instead of Me Cung cave)

  • 6:15: Start a new day with doing morning exercise at Sundeck
  • 7:00: Have a breakfast in the fresh air with a cup of tea or coffee while cruising to Titop
  • 9:30: Passing to Ho Dong Tien cave (also called black cave). You stay here about 40 minutes
  • 10:40: You can enjoy kayaking activities or swimming around magnificent karst mountains.
  • 12:30: Lunch is served on boat while cruising to admire the great beauty of landscape
  • 14:30: You visit Ngoc Trai village or Me Cung cave
  • 15:30: Sunset party at the deck
    Don’t forget to receive special voucher from “Happy tour” at the bar. Buy 2 to give free 1
  • 17:30 pm: Also cooking class as 1st day. You can make the dish for your dinner by yourselves
  • 19:00: Have a dinner and overnight onboard
    We have special services such as: movie night, board games, massage & spa

Day 3: Luon cave- kayaking

  • 6:15: Morning view of Bay’s landscape with a cup of coffee or doing physical exercise
  • 7:00: Have a breakfast
  • 8:30: Transfer to Luon cave. Then enjoy kayaking through the hidden lagoons in there
  • 9:00: Come back the Ancora boat and check out your cabin
  • 9:30: Served set menu for lunch. Arrive at Tuan Chau harbor
  • 11:00: Get on the car back to Hanoi
  • 16:00: Arrive in your hotel at Hanoi. Trip ends


Detailed itineraries are subject to change due to weather. It may be cancelled due to poor weather or operating conditions

Outside activities as swimming, kayaking or BBQ on the beach can be cancelled in case of the bad weather

About meals: if you have any special requirement about special food preferences, allergies or dietary, you should advise us before the trip. We have good preparation for our travel

You are responsible for supplying full name, date of birth, nationality, gender, passport number and visa expiry date in advance

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