How to apply a Visa

There are 3 main steps to apply for a Vietnam Visa on Arrival:

Get started by filling in Visa form on our secure website or send us your information via email.

Fill in the online application form with the exact details of your full name, gender, birthday, nationality, passport number and passport expiry date, as well as your arrival date. Send those information via email? Email us at: [email protected] for a prompt response.

Confirm your Visa details and pay online through a trusted method

Before processing to payment, recheck all of your details for Visa to make sure everything is correct and in good order. Then continue to fill in payment information in a secure page created for your booking from Stripe. All the information you provide will be kept confidential.

Get Visa Approval Letter and prepare for getting Visa stamped on arrival.

  • Receive a Visa Approval Letter via email from us (attached with For Entry And Exit – Application Form).
  • Print out the Letter and the Application Form.
  • Fill out the Application Form.
  • Prepare 2 passport sized photos (4×6) and an amount of USD for stamping fee (U.S.$25 for a one month (30 day) or 3 month (87 day) single entry visa, U.S. $50 for a less than 30 day multi-entry).
  • Put all above mentioned things along with your passport in a package, then show them to Immigration Officers at Vietnam arrival airports.

The Approval Letter should be adequate to prove that you are allowed to entry Vietnam if it is one of the boarding requirements from your airline. Upon arrival to Vietnam International Airports (Hanoi, Da Nang or Ho Chi Minh city), you present all things inside the prepared package to Immigration Officers to get your visa stamped.

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